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Tips on How to Get Bigger Breasts Naturally Using Free Methods

October 31, 2014

The internet is a goldmine for tips on how to get bigger breasts naturally using free methods. But why is it important to certain women to have bigger breasts? A good reason is the fact that a person's physical appearance is considered to be important and it influences so many things like their mentality and even their moods. For women, having curves and a shapely body makes them feel more womanly. Studies show that women with more curves are perceived to be more confident in their skin and they are found to have a higher level of self esteem. If you are a woman with smaller chest size, this will definitely affect how you deal with certain things in your life. Yet, there are actually some things you can do to help you get bigger breasts without spending a dime.

One of the best tips you could ever get to have bigger breasts without having to spend money is through exercise. There are exercises that target to help build up and strengthen your pectoral muscles. With the right kinds of exercises, you could easily tone and firm your breasts and even prevent them from sagging. A good exercise you can do which doesn't require you to hit the gym and something you can do in the safety of your home are pushups. You have to assume the proper way of executing the pushups and you have to do several repetitions on a daily basis.

The tips on how to get bigger breasts naturally using free methods are indeed free and they are easy to find online. Another known way to increase your breast size without making an investment is to massage your breasts. To do a breast massage, first, rub your two hands together to create warmth, then start to massage your breasts. What you should remember is that you should massage the upper breasts first, then start to go down in between the nipples. Then you also rub circles upward from outside the nipples. This motion is said to mimic the stimulation of the breasts when a baby suckles the breasts. As you know, the breasts become bigger during pregnancy and when breastfeeding. This is due to the hormones and this will also get the blood flowing properly to your breasts. With the proper circulation of blood and hormones, your breasts will surely have a significant increase in their size. This tip may seem to be hard to do since there are no images to show how it should be done properly; yet, it is the cheapest way to enlarge your breasts.

Aside from those tips mentioned above, another great and cost-free tip is to add some foods in your diet. You can do a little research in your home about which foods contain substances that could help increase your breast size. When you know what these are, then you should make the effort to add these to your diet. There are plants like the wild thistle and wild yams that have been used by people for decades to help increase their breast size.

Also a great tip to make your breasts appear to be a bit larger than what they are is to use a bronzer or a brown-hued eye shadow powder to enhance your cleavage. It may be a sly trick, but it will save you hundreds of dollars worth of buying creams and pills and even breast augmentation.

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TurboTax 2012, 2013 Free Tax Refund Calculator

October 26, 2012

The TurboTax free Tax refund calculator is a pretty nifty little tool on their website that lets you play around with estimated and total deductions, exemptions, income, and refunds for your tax return based on your age, demographics, and income information.

You can pull up the TurboTax tax refund calculator on their website and fill in the blanks about whether or not you are the head of your household, what age you are, estimations on your income and how much deductions you are going to take and how many exemptions you will claim.

Then, TurboTax does the work to estimate what your tax refund will be come 2013 when you do your taxes.

So What's The Benefit Of All This?

It's great to play around with fake money, and it's always fun to turn your numbers way up to get a big fake refund on the TurboTax calculator, but who cares if it's just a model, right?

Well, TurboTax tools can make life easier when it comes tax time, because if you can estimate correctly and figure out how much you might be getting back, you can make financial plans and estimations on other important things in your life.

Tools and technology are a great way to make your life better and more efficient, and TurboTax aims to do just that with things like the TurboTax tax refund and return calculator.

And if you can use technology to improve your life and estimate how your finances might look in the coming year while understanding your tax burden, well, that's just a win-win for everyone involved!

Transparency Rules           

Taxes are difficult to do, and tax returns are complicated and overly detailed. Companies like TurboTax get that, and understand that transparency in the process is important.

If you can use the TurboTax calculator and understand more or less how much you can expect to get back in refunds from your 2012 tax burden, you can make smarter spending and saving choices for your family and be a better prepared financial entity.

Things like the TurboTax tax refund calculator go a long way to promoting this authenticity and working on helping families and individuals manage and verify their financial planning so that, come tax day, there are absolutely no surprises about what you owe the IRS and what you can expect to get back.

You can access the full array of TurboTax tax calculators at

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TurboTax 2012, 2013 Free Tax Refund Calculator


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